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Founded Williamson Software in 1990 in Santa Barbara, California. Initially company developed and published computer software for vocational rehabilitation and medical offices throughout California and the Western United States. Responsibilities included company leadership and organization as well as assisting with software development projects. Company produced and supported these software titles: C-FORM, THE BILLING PROGRAM, Med-Link Pro, C-FORM Win, and BP Win. Over the course many years the company has provided software to hundreds of businesses both large and small. These published titles were phased out over the course of 10 years and support ended completely in 2017.

From 1991 through 1996 Mr. Williamson and company maintained membership within the Hewlett-Packard Developers Program. This consisted of working with the peripheral manufacturer in writing printer drivers capable of interfacing with HP compatible devices. Membership was also obtained in the Panasonic ISV developers program and a similar program sponsored by Epson America (with the predominance of MS Windows into business in the mid-1990s the requisite printer drivers were included with the operating system).

From 1994 until 2002 Mr. Williamson was the acting president of a Microsoft sponsored software developers group in Santa Barbara. The group assisted local software developers in utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio, a professional software development suite. The users group provided free software, donated by Microsoft, as well as synergizing together business groups with technical experts.

During the 1996 Olympic Games Mr. Williamson was selected by Nissan of America to compile a database of every past American Olympian. Working in conjunction with historians from the United States Olympic Committee the names were cast into bronze plaques as part of a commemorative monument displayed at the Centennial games in Atlanta (contribution acknowledged on monument). This database has now become an official part of American Olympic history. You may view an updated version of this database at the U.S. Olympic Team website at (accessible under Athletes, All-Time Olympians).

In the fall of 1996 Mr. Williamson expanded the company by embarking upon the creation of a complete, front-office medical billing and scheduling software package. The software titled Med-Link Pro, reached maturity and solid standing in the medical community by the year 2000.

Other Accomplishments

2005: Provided hacking forensics analysis in a court case involving a major California university. The expert analysis and legal preparation services assisted attorneys in prevailing and defending the university against a potentially costly lawsuit.

2005-2006: Assisted a US defense contractor in designing a custom software and manufacturing production system for building cryogenic, infrared optical componentry for a precision, guidance systems. Organizational and development services ultimately assisted the contractor in being awarded an $80 million contract.

2006-Present: Periodically provides technical analysis and copy edit support for technical authors such as, Harley Hahn.

2018: Developed a business back end system for SolarSnap, Inc, a mutli national solar company. The system incorporates functions for a variety of worker types including sales, service, management and customer service SolarSnap.

Additional work history, research and scientific essays available on ResearchGate

Mr. Williamson has an extensive thirty-five year history in business management and marketing as well as a rich technical experience.

  • Seasoned business manager with a track record of successful corporate leadership
  • Able to create and execute profitable sales and marketing campaigns
  • Fluent in medical billing procedures and practice management data systems
  • Two decades of project team leadership experience
  • Confident and trained in public speaking and able to create an inspirational common vision that produces team results
Technical Abilities
  • Expert in these operating systems: DOS, Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux
  • Knowledgeable in numerous Internet and networking protocols and routing technologies including TCP/IP, Ethernet, OSI, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, UDP, DNS, SSL, SSH and others
  • Expert in cryptographic technologies and protocols including the following: public key cryptography, block cyphers, hash functions, wireless encryption protocols, and numerous authentication and authorization standards
  • Internet and network security expertise, including firewall configuration, intrusion detection, attack methodology and systems monitoring
  • Database management software including variants of SQL, xBase and others
  • Able to create and implement custom electronic document imaging solutions
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Seasoned in these programming and scripting languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Forth, Access, HTML, XML, Java, JavaServer Pages, CGI, CSS, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, VB Script, AJAX
  • Able to setup and manage custom web servers using Apache and numerous other open source applications
  • Experienced in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and able to quickly build website page ranking and web traffic results



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