C-Form Win


Throw away your typewriter! C-Form Win automatically prints the entire state form with your text when you print. Insert a line, move/copy text, word wrap, and save your work to disk are just a few of the convenient features.

Spell Check

Included with C-Form v8 is a 70,000 word spell check dictionary. Simply press F6 while editing a form 'on screen', and C-Form Win will scan your text and prompt you with: Add, Ignore, Type, or Select from a list of alternate words similar to the misspelled.


You do not need Word Perfect or any other software with C-Form Win! C-Form Win is a "stand alone" program. This makes preparing

forms ultra simple. Avoid going through needless gyrations with preprinted forms. C-Form Win is all you need to create, edit, and print perfect State forms.


The C-Form Win program is simple and easy to install. Insert a diskette, type Setup, press ENTER and you're off! If you are not a computer expert, call us for free technical support. Many fine firms are already using this software, so what are you waiting for?

Client Database

New with version 8, you can now access your clients through a clients database feature that will also connect into your BP Win software. This will save you valuable time typing redundant client information.


Order C-Form Win v8 today and receive these forms: RU-120 (95 & 98), RU-121 (95 & 98), RU-102 (94 & 98), RU-90, RU-91, RU-101, RU-103, RU-105 (94 & 98), and RU-107. Includes 6 months of free forms upgrades. The RU-121 has two lines at the top of the form for your company info!

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